Indoor Shooting Range


indoor shhoting range

An indoor shooting range is a place where shooters practice their shooting skills without having to travel. These facilities have a variety of advantages over outdoor ranges, including the ability to simulate the elements. A well-designed range allows shooters to practice at a safe distance without fear of being exposed to lead or dust. Additionally, these ranges offer a rubber crumb backstop that safely stops any handgun. In addition, some shooting  indoor  ranges offer touch screen target controls so shooters can accurately set target distance.


Lighting at an indoor shooting range should be uniform and consistent. It should also be bright enough to prevent glare or shadows from obscuring the shooter’s view down range. Proper lighting will also prevent pupil dilation, which decreases visual acuity. Additionally, shooting ranges should have exit and emergency lights. Bullet trap lighting should be at least 30 foot-candles.

In addition to safety equipment, shooters should wear hearing and eye protection. Lead dust can settle on the skin and clothing of shooters, and indoor shooting ranges can have a noise level of 140 dB. For these reasons, shooters should wear double ear protection. A pair of prescription eyeglasses is also acceptable. In addition, range owners should make sure that shooters are wearing eye protection that fits properly.

Indoor shooting ranges can be constructed in existing buildings or can be custom-built. Some companies even prefabricate shooting range stalls for homeowners. Indoor shooting ranges are regulated by the U.S. Department of Energy. The standards for construction and maintenance of indoor shooting ranges require that shooting ranges meet strict guidelines. The exterior walls of a shooting range should be made of concrete and should be six inches thick.

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