Magic Mushroom Spores UK

Magic Mushroom Spores UK

Psychedelics, or magic mushrooms, are a group of hallucinogenic drugs. They alter the way the user views the world, giving them spiritual experiences. In the UK, the use of these mushrooms is illegal.

However, some people have found them growing in their gardens. They aren’t considered poisonous, but they can cause unpredictable effects. For this reason, the spores should be acquired from a trusted source. Find More:

What About Magic Mushroom Spores?

The best place to grow magic mushrooms is in an area with a natural subsurface flow of water. Swales, slopes, and grassy areas are perfect. The soil is moist and dense, and contains plenty of CO2 and decomposing animal matter. The resulting living soil exudes a powerful earthy smell.

The mushroom grows best at temperatures of 18degC to 29degC. If the temperature is too high, the mushrooms will grow slower. Similarly, if the temperature is too low, the mushrooms will not grow.

There are many different species of psilocybe, the most common being the liberty cap. This species is easily grown in terrariums. It is also available in dried form, which is just as potent as its fresh counterpart.

While the effects vary from person to person, a user should expect to feel like they’ve been on a trip for hours. They may also experience rapid heart rate and a higher blood pressure. Some users may suffer from loss of bladder control.

The spores of magic mushrooms are not poisonous, but they can cause side effects. They should be taken only after an expert forager has gathered them.

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