Medical Billing in Raleigh

Managing revenue for a medical practice in Raleigh is a time consuming endeavor. A lot of the work is centered around the data entry and data processing aspects of the job. An expert in the field can streamline the process, helping the practice focus more on the patients.

What are the 2 most common skillsets on billing?

The job also requires an astute eye for detail and the ability to manage several different aspects of the billing cycle. This includes submitting clean claims, collecting delinquent payments, and following up on rejected claims.

The main function of a medical biller is to verify the accuracy of medical codes and ensure that the correct amount is charged. He or she must be well-versed in the many policies and protocols used by insurance companies and government healthcare providers. The medical billing companies raleigh | Embed Partners industry is a growing one in North Carolina. The BLS estimates that 27,000 new jobs will be needed in this profession by 2026.

The medical coding and billing industry is also a growing one. The American Academy of Professional Coders offers national certification exams for medical coders. These tests are designed to verify if the person possesses the minimum requirements for the position.

A medical billing service in Raleigh, NC can save your practice a ton of time and improve your collection rate. The savings can add up to 10%, which is a substantial benefit. The same company can help with data entry and processing, medical coding input, claim submission, and post-payment follow-up.

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