Should You Invest in Used Oil Rigs For Sale?

oil rigs for sale

Oil rigs for sale are just like any other business, they can be either good or bad. Some people see the opportunity of owning an oil rig and get excited while others think it’s a bad idea. I personally think that it’s a good idea if you can afford the monthly payments (which will be considerable). The problem is that most people can’t afford the monthly payments required to own an oil rig on their own – this is where government land contracts come in. Government land contracts are basically a lease of land from the federal government, which allows companies to locate oil rigs for sale on the land.

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Most leases are for a few years and most are for 5 years or less but if you find a company online that offers drilling and equipment leasing then you’re probably looking at a good deal. The company can pay for the used oil rigs for sale they buy under lease from the government. Once the leases have expired then the equipment belongs to the government and you will never see it again (well, not if the oil company has picked up the phone). It’s a win/win situation for everyone involved.


There are a lot of oil rigs for sale around but it’s a good idea to spend some time searching before you decide on one. Remember that buying oil rigs for sale is basically an investment and you don’t want to invest in something that’s only going to sit there because no one will be using it. It’s best to choose a company that’s had experience in the oil and gas industry because they will be able to help you determine what your needs are and what the cost of the operation will be. Good luck!

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